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factory life

One nice thing about keeping a blog for almost eleven years is I can revisit old posts after everyone has forgotten them. Ten years ago today, I wrote about finding a "book of days" with a small space to write stuff about each day. This was 1976, the early years of my time working in a factory (I worked there from 1973-1984). I excerpted the mini-diary, and here, I’ll excerpt the excerpt. This is what my life was like in the Bicentennial summer of ‘76:

Jul 4: worst day of my life
Jul 5: had tantrum, broke records, cabinet, yelled, screamed, horrible day.
Jul 8: in trouble at work
Jul 10: got in fight at work - got real drunk
Jul 29: more work
Jul 30: yet more work
Jul 31: worked

Aug 2: back to work
Aug 3: work
Aug 4: work
Aug 5: work
Aug 6: work
Aug 7: got loaded after work
Aug 8: had important talk with Robin
Aug 9: work
Aug 10: more work
Aug 11: work
Aug 12: work
Aug 18: bad work day - I'm lonesome
Aug 30: work