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blog stats 2012

18,314 people visited this site during 2012. Google calls them “unique visitors”. Total # of visits: 26,013. About 3/4 of them came from the U.S. Among the places from which one visit was made in 2012: the Isle of Man, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe. The most popular city of origin for visits was Davis, California (Berkeley was second, Toronto third). Six visits came from Malaga.

Chrome and Firefox were the two most popular browsers, with Chrome winning out by a mere 32 visits. Android was a distant fifth. I got 4 visits from Playstation 3s. Windows was the operating system for around 65% of visits, followed by Macintosh, iOS, and Android. The most common screen resolution for mobile visits was 320x480, with 768x1024 second.

3413 of the 26,013 visits came via “social referrals”. More than a third of those came from Facebook, with Twitter running second.

But really, all people care about is my occasional list of phrases from search engines that brought people to my site.

At the top of the list are the usual … “steven rubio”, “begonias.typepad.com”. The first outlier is at #4: “klee irwin”. I suspect this 2009 post is the one people latch onto: “klee irwin piece of shit motherfucking rip-off scam artists”.

Rounding off the top ten are some interesting selections: “the hour”, “steven rubio ophuls ronde”, “marianne faithfull”, “today malone”, “george harrison grave”, and the ever-popular “how does adebisi’s hat stay on”. I’d say the surprise is “the hour” at #5 … didn’t realize how popular that show was.

I suspect “marianne faithfull” has ulterior meanings, which is a nice way to revisit one of the highlights of my search-engine musings: the various searches for what I assume are pictures of naked women (and a few men). Once again, I remind everyone that there are no nekkid pictures on this blog. Anyway, here are just some of the phrases people used that took them to my blog.

marianne faithfull tits (also breasts/boobs/hot/young/big tits/angel with big tits/hot pics/jugs/mars bar up her cunt/big breasts/body/girl on a motorcycle), kristin proctor nude (also topless/naked/nude scene/nude pics/nude pictures/tits/porn/nude in what episode), milton berle nude (see below), christina hendricks nude (also sex/hot), jessica lange legs, jello biafra clothes fans naked, joan jett hot (also sex), tricia helfer victoria’s secret, helen mirren tits (also hot), henry simmons cock, ksenia solo nude (also naked), lost girl nudity (also side boob), mimi rogers the rapture, robin weigert nude pics, shane botwin masturbating to his mom, 2011 gretchen mol rumors, anna silk sex symbol (also boob job/butt crack/sex/sex with a woman), battlestar galactica girls maxim, jenny agutter walkabout nude, nancy botwin nude pics, nicole kidman nude pictures, penis rubios, polly walker rome penis, rachel griffiths nude, nude scene true blood, silas botwin nude

Finally, there are two items that would probably be first and second on the list if I combined every permutation of their mention. Adebisi and his hat would be #2. And, as long-time readers know, Milton Berle would be #1. Here are just a few of the Berle Searches … to save typing, just assume “milton berle” appears in the search, so that “milton berle nude” will be listed here as “nude”:

nude, penis, penis pictures, naked pictures, naked, schlong, cock, pictures of penis, big cock, dick pic, penis photo, big, big dick, cock photos, nude photos, large, penis foto, are there any pictures of dick, bulge pics, how big is dick/penis/cock, how large was appendage, biggest, cocksize, enormous, legend, penis fraud, wears watch on penis, well hung pics, naked pic of his penis only, genitals, big member, legendary penis, stories about enormous cock