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in the words of gyp rosetti, everybody got guns

Well, at least, everybody’s got a revised opinion about Brian Sabean. Grant Bisbee is as good as it gets, and now he’s chiming in:

I'm not ready to suggest that Sabean has always been right, and we just couldn't tell because of poor luck. But there's a process that's working somewhere. Hitters are developing. Trades are working out. Pitchers are staying healthy. All of that adds up to a GM that I trust a lot more than the one from 2008.

For example, a prospect-for-veteran trade like Tim Alderson for Freddy Sanchez used to be viewed through the prism of Dave Roberts. The Giants actively sought out Dave Roberts for some reason, and he stunk. The Giants actively sought out Freddy Sanchez, which meant he probably stunk, too. And for a top prospect? Raaaaaage.

If that trade went down today, it'd be viewed through the prism of the last three years. Most of the trades worked out. The prospects usually don't. The idea behind the Shea Hillenbrand trade and the Sanchez deal might have been the same, but Sabean's getting better at separating the Sanchezs from the Hillenbrands and the Pagans from the Robertses, I think, and it's rare that he gives up a prospect he's totally enamored of. Zack Wheeler was an exception, not the rule.