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music friday: pink, “i got money now”

This week is a bit of a cheat, because I’m not going to write about a song. My wife and I got to talking tonight, after I mentioned a tidbit I had read about a musician I love. We had just watched Pink on Jon Stewart, and we wondered how much Pink was worth. Well, we really wondered how much Carey Hart was worth, and how that compared to his wife. This led to a web-surfing session to find the net worth of various musicians.

Like, say, rappers. Diddy is worth $500 million. Jay-Z is worth $475 million. LL Cool J, who is also a TV star, is worth $80 million.

Or take band members. Ringo is worth $300 million, Max Weinberg $35 million. Singers? Paul McCartney, $800 million, Madonna $650 million, Bono $600 million, Beyonce $300 million, Prince $250 million, Bruce Springsteen $200 million, Britney Spears $200 million, Gwen Stefani $80 million, Missy Elliott $50 million, Carole King $15 million.

You get the idea.

Oh, and Pink is worth $40 million, Carey Hart $5 million.

What got me interested in this topic was a quote from a recent interview by David Grossman with Corin Tucker:

Grossman: You also do have a job as a web developer for a medical supplies company, right?

Tucker: Yes, I do.

Grossman: How’s that going?

Tucker: Good, really good. I’m really fortunate to have a job and am grateful that they’re able to be flexible with the other things I do.

I am a big fan of most of the rich musicians I listed above. I’m not here to dis their musical talents. But Corin Tucker is one of the great vocalists of her day, and a key member of one of the greatest bands of our time. She seems to like her day job … I don’t really know what I’m trying to say here. But next month I’ll be seeing Corin Tucker in concert, and in November I’ll see Bruce Springsteen, and next February I’ll see Pink. I like them all for different reasons, with Bruce at the top of my list, of course. I just think it’s odd that Bruce is worth $200 million, Pink is worth $40 million, and Corin Tucker supplements her music income working as a web developer. (And tickets for the big-name concerts will approach $100, while Tucker’s show is $15.)

I guess I should add some music here. This is Pink with “I Got Money Now” (“You don’t have to like me anymore, I got money now”):