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music friday: bruce springsteen, “if i should fall behind”

A quickie this week … I spent last night in Sacramento and went to my first minor-league baseball game with Sara, Ray, Lex, and Félix. Luckily, last week Neal requested every version of “If I Should Fall Behind”, so here are some videos. “If I Should Fall Behind” initially threatened to disappear from memory. It appeared on Lucky Town, one of two albums Bruce released in 1992, his first since he disbanded the E Street Band. Those albums were not exactly treasured by fans. Still, he revived it for the Reunion Tour in 1999-2000, where it fit perfectly.

First, the original:


A live version from 1992 with The Other Band:

From The Reunion Tour. This is probably the best version. I played this for my class the last day I taught at Cal.

With the Sessions Band in the mid-2000s … this time, it’s a waltz … Patty shines on this one:

And a fan video from last month in Zurich … this time, Bruce is solo:

And if that’s still not enough, here’s a cover by Margo Timmins: