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what’s next (no question mark)

So, here’s what’s next:

I’m going to give the “requests” idea a chance. It’s risky, because I have such a small regular readership, with even fewer people who comment. But it was the most popular of my proposed “what’s nexts”.

I’ll start with a bank of movies I can use when there are no new requests. These will come from places that people have asked about in the past: movies from my “#51-79” list, movies that Phil/Jeff listed on their Fave Fifties that I haven’t seen (on the assumption that those fave lists were a kind of suggestion), and a couple of older movies people have mentioned that I haven’t gotten around to watching yet. That gives me a little more than 40 movies to pick from.

If you want me to watch and write about any specific movie, just leave a comment, or leave me an email (one person used that method already).

I’ll start tomorrow with The Last Picture Show, which was #65 on my #51-79 Faves List.