music friday: ollie freeman
#9: a streetcar named desire (elia kazan, 1951)

tim goodman on difficult tv shows

Luck didn’t get the best of ratings for its premiere last weekend. Chuck Klosterman at Grantland thinks the series is already doomed. Tim Goodman thinks otherwise:

Yes, the pilot to Luck was difficult. You know what else is difficult? The first chapters of War and Peace. Also, great gobs of Remembrance of Things Past. Did you also know that diving in to William Faulkner can leave you wondering what the hell is going on? …

For people who haven’t been to the horse track, bet on the ponies or been around that environment, Luck will seem like a foreign world. But hell, trying to figure out the land-rights issue and why Lord and Lady Grantham were going to lose Downton Abbey wasn’t super understandable either.

If investing your time in unfamiliar subjects is too hard for you, if it’s too much of a commitment, then by all means watch network television instead. And stop whining, so the rest of the people who want to be challenged can focus.