so long urge, we hardly knew ye
friday random ten, 1989 edition


Thanks to the Undercover Black Man for finding a fellow who goes by the handle "spoonfedcornbread." Spoon (I have no idea how to address the gentleman) has something fascinating going on over on YouTube, one of the finest examples I've seen/heard combining old school and new. Watching and listening to music on YouTube is fairly commonplace nowadays, but not the way spoonfedcornbread does it. Mr. Bread (I'll keep trying until I come up with something that sounds right) apparently owns a lot of vinyl 45s. What he does with them is pretty enjoyable for fans of retro music. He turns on his video camera and points it at a turntable. Then he puts a 45 on the turntable and places the needle on the record. The rest of the video is simply the 45 playing. You get to watch it go 'round and 'round while you listen to the song. Couldn't be simpler.

Lots of folks are tuned into Spoonfed … the UBM is just where I heard about it first (and, while I'm at it, that's a fine blog to read … UBM is the nom de blog of David Mills, Emmy-winner for The Corner and writer for, among other things, NYPD Blue and The Wire). Nor is Cornbread the only person who does this 45-spinning video trick. Whatever … it's way more fun than you'd think, worth scrolling through his contributions. Here's one chosen at random: