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monday stat update

If you type "landon donovan salary" into Google, a post of mine from last year is the first hit.

According to The Truth Laid Bear, this blog ranks #13215 in the blogosphere.

My average page views per day? 277.88.

These should all be taken in the context of an article by Clive Thompson in New York Magazine, "Blogs To Riches: The Haves and Have-Nots of the Blogging Boom." If you didn't already know, there is a huge difference between the A-List blogs and C-Listers ... I don't know, am I even a C-List blog? More like a G-Lister. Just to choose the first example Thompson offers, compare this to my 277.88 page views per day: Gawker was getting around 200,000 page views per day a couple of years ago.