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Here's something I hadn't seen before ... I'll post the link first:


I'm reading a book called Poplorica ... not a great book, a fun book and an easy read but a bit facile. I just finished a chapter on the invention of many of the things we take for granted in the computing world ... GUIs, mice, word processing, hypertext, etc. Turns out in 1968 a man named Douglas Engelbart, representing a team of techies, gave a demonstration of stuff the team had been working on. This was long before the era of Wozniak or Gates. It reads well, but at the end of the chapter, a link is given where you can watch the video of the actual demonstration from 1968. It's absolutely amazing to see this stuff and realize it's being invented kinda before our eyes.

The video is broken into many small segments ... I've only watched a few, and recommend you check out the mouse (Engelbart doesn't know why they call it that) and the demonstration of how links work. It's almost scary seeing this stuff happen more than a decade before it entered most of our consciousnesses.